A highly effective Team is the heart of every successful company. As a human we manage to set KPIs for almost every aspect of work. Then we realized that we need data to count this KPIs. We set obligations such as declare data, count it and then report it. What if we could do it all automatically at the same time removing any subjectivity of data and ensuring full comparability within the organization?

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Imagine environment in which all needed data are collected without any employees declaration. Recounting KPIs is done real-time with 10 minutes precision. All reports you need are created and sent via email. You save time of your employees, time of your managers and you can focus on your core business in which you are the best.

It’s like have the most objective manager in the world to assess your company work for 24 hours a day with pace of 1.000 employees at minute. It is possible now. Read more about Lab1.

How we work?

Our solution is designed to big organizations. Usually we cooperate with teams of 200-5000 employees but smaller innovative companies are welcome as well.

Process of implementation usually take from 2 weeks to 6 months and depends on amount of integration with internal systems (like TNA/accounting/phone central etc.). For all the process we give you an competent team ready to help.


Aquanet - Lab1 cooperation

1. Automatic, real-time KPIs analysis

a. as a source of information for managers and HR & HCM departments,
b. as a basis for motivational system (e.g. bonuses).

2. Easy employee comparison

a. quicker recruitment process which allows substantial savings, b. knowledge about employees opportunities c. better decisions in personnel managing – based not only on subjective opinions but also corroborated by a non-judgmental source of information, d. quick diagnostics of project failures e. information about workload in departments of the organization f. supervision of employees engagement

3. Automated alerts

a. warning on any pre-defined situations (late arrivals, early leaves, constantly low efficiency) b. substantial time saving thanks to full automation of alerts c. warning systems based on non-judgmental data

4. Insights

a. we are able to give information about effectiveness threshold (time after employees starts to work less carefully), best working hours, proficiency in the use of internal systems. All these information are very important in continuous improvements processes b. workforce planning capabilities

Aquanet - Lab1 cooperation

Seeing is Believing

We’d love to learn more about your goals and show you the benefits of People Analytics.