Activity meta-data
Statistical science
Higher engagement
Better decisions

What if you knew your employees
as well as you know your customers?

Only passive data

We collect data without any manual input. It's not only time saving but also increase data objectivity. We get activity data in real-time from computers, phone calls, calendars and TNA systems. All that is done without breaking privacy. We do not collect any content and private confidential information.

Higher engagement

We proved that employees change behavior a little when we pay attention to them. The same rule works with fully transparent access to their data in Lab1 Workforce Analytics. People become more self-motivated and engagement is higher from 1 p.p. to 16 p.p.

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Better business decisions

Go from data to business results. Lab1 dashboard is designed to emphasize dozens of business processes that take place in each organization. Such approach let you instantly make your decission process easier, faster and more accurate.

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Seeing is Believing

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