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Poznan - Lab1 cooperation

Why LAB1?

Poznań City Hall employs about 1,500 office workers. From year to year, there are more tasks that individual departments must pursue. In such large structure, it is very difficult to assess whether the reported demand for new posts is economically justified.

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Poznań City Hall is wondering how to assess employee engagement, what the workload of departments is and whether the current employment is sufficient.


Lab1 served as a tool to verify employee engagement and workload in the everyday environment. Our research has shown the extent to decompose the workload at the time 0 through 100%.

Lab1 diagnosed departments with low and high workloads. The results have been very positively received by the employees themselves. Thanks to our cooperation the Poznań City Hall, they can save hundreds of thousands of euros per year through rationalization of employment.

Poznan - Lab1 cooperation


Special attention should be paid to quick contact and professional approach. What should be particularly appreciated, is also the fact of responding quickly to the customer's inquiry, including providing answers every time before the fixed deadline.

Deputy Director of Organizational Department, Michal Lakomski

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